lundi 14 janvier 2008


Je travaile régulièrement pour le magazine "SPIDEY" pour qui je fais principalement des jeux. Donc, toi aussi, apprends en t'amusant avec Spiderman, et trouve les 22 différences entre ces 2 dessins!

I regularly work for the french" "SPIDEY" magazine. I mainly do games for it. So, you too, learn and play with Spiderman, and find the 22 differences between this two drawings!

3 commentaires:

Jej a dit…

magnifique dessin!

Mark Welser a dit…

1 Spidey's left eye
2 Spidey's chest logo is missing
3 Lizard's tongue
4 Lizard's necklace
5 Mysterio's winking eye
6 Sandman's fist
7 Electro's left hand
8 Rhino's horn
9 Rhino's mouth
10 Carnage's arm
11 Scorpion's tail
12 Venom's tongue
13 Venom's back logo
14 Cameleon's mouth
15 Doc Ock's red glove
16 Doc Ock's missing glasses
17 Doc Ock's missing tentacle
18 Goblin's bag
19 Kingpin's flower
20 Kingpin's mouth
21 Vulture's beard
22 Vulture's right hand

Whew! That was pretty cool. I spent way too much time on this thing that was clearly intended for children. Heh.

Ullcer (Johann LEROUX) a dit…

Wow, Mark! I don't know if I must be proud or afraid you spent so much time on it! :-D
Nice things on your weblog!